Build a Website and They Will Click

Website construction line style illustration

In this second installment of our Build It Series, we’d like to talk about your website. (The first installment was: Build Your Brand and They May Come 9/11/2015)

Have you just launched a new corporate website? Are you sitting around staring at Google Analytics while waiting for the phone to ring? Congratulations on your new or updated website, but you need to do more. We get it, the website was a huge project and you thought now you could have an office meeting without mentioning it. Sorry. It needs to be fed, it needs to be nurtured and it needs to be chock-full of information… that you supply.

Especially in financial services, websites need to educate, stay up to date and let people know there is something new and interesting on the website. Be sure your website has some place specific where users can go to find your thoughts and opinions. (Call it Views, Insights, Thoughts, or whatever you like.) Establish consistent thought leadership campaigns where you extrapolate several different points of a white paper into small sound bite posts. Then email about it. Create a video strategy so you can keep putting videos on the website. Then email about it. Write about pertinent case studies and post them. Then email about it…it’s not enough to have great content; you need to let people know where to find it. These as well as other strategies can drive traffic to your website. Then, the phone will ring while you are patiently watching your analytics.