Happy Holidays


As the holidays and year end quickly approach, we’d like to wish everyone a holiday filled with joy, time with family and friends, and all the best for the New Year.

As our thoughts turn to 2017, it’s also time for Optima Group’s annual musings on the key issues and trends of the coming year. We believe that two major events will continue to drive much of what occurs in the wealth and asset management industry.

1. The application of the DOL Fiduciary Rule

2. The intergenerational transfer of wealth

The impact of these events is being felt across all aspects of the industry, from marketing to technology, sales to service and portfolio management.

All about the Client

The effects of the DOL Fiduciary Rule have already reached beyond retirement accounts and are impacting institutions beyond broker-dealers. It seems everyone is scrambling to adapt to this new regulatory reality. In general, we expect organizations to escalate moves to:

1. Fee-based managed accounts

2. Low-cost passive vehicles as a core part of portfolios

3. Increased transparency and communications

4. Technology enhancements that support efforts to “act in the best interest of the client”

Money on the Move

As the younger and more tech savvy generations take the reins of wealth from the baby boomers, their impact on the way wealth management is delivered and consumed is growing and influencing the customer experience. This new generation of investors is looking for a more collaborative relationship with their advisor, with increased access to real time data and information delivered from an omni-channel platform. While we still do not believe robos are taking over the world, the robo model is forcing firms to look beyond traditional wealth management and is increasingly becoming part of an overall array of solutions and services.

Getting to Know You

With so much money in play, institutions are stepping up their efforts to get a piece of the (or even the whole) pie. Outbound marketing on a highly segmented basis utilizing dynamic content and delivered through multiple media continues to grow. These tactics, enabled by advanced CRM and analytics technology, allow users to refine and customize tactics and messages on an individualized basis. Where you “travel” on the web may tell marketers more about you than you could ever imagine!