L’eggo my Customer!


As I’m sure you’re all aware, Eggo has just released its own line of waffle-inspired “Eggojis” (cue the laugh track). While this may not represent a market shaking announcement, it does appear to be a smart response by Kellogg to the toaster waffle’s legions of social media followers who have been clamoring for a batch (sorry) of emojis they can call their own. It did get us thinking about the importance of matching your marketing efforts to consumer “demand,” no matter how offbeat that demand may be. Remembering to heed this marketing maxim can help build your brand in unexpected ways and drive customer loyalty while also helping to thwart competitive threats.

Here are a few takeaways from the Eggoji files:

1.Be a good listener. Don’t assume you always know what your customers and online followers are thinking. It may surprise you to learn what they really want.

2.Be human. While not every industry lends itself to such whimsical marketing tactics as releasing their own line of emojis, the lesson remains the same. Avoid the corporate jargon that you may be tempted to dispense and speak the language of your customers.

3.Be vigilant. Customer demand, sentiment, and interest can change in a heartbeat and what customers asked for yesterday will likely not be what they will ask for tomorrow. Incorporating consistent and rigorous analysis of customer data into your marketing program is a must to ensure you are.