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Proving Your Worth

Although you may speak with clients regularly about their goals and investments, you may not be aware of all they expect from you, and they may not be aware of all you do for them ‘behind the scenes.’ In addition, according to research conducted by Morningstar,* client and advisor priorities are not always aligned. 

Providing informative thought leadership helps you educate clients about what you do and get on the same page with them in terms of priorities. It also allows you to deliver more of what investors want, including a knowledgeable advisor who “Communicates and explains financial concepts well,” near the top of their list.

Source: Morningstar

Thought leadership helps you demonstrate your expertise in a client-benefit oriented manner
Even clients who are successful executives, professionals, or business owners may know little about wealth management or investing. Thought leadership allows you to teach clients about the basics (including the role you and your firm play in helping them achieve their goals), demonstrate that you have the relevant skills and knowledge, and build trust and goodwill.

Thought leadership helps you align values
Many investors think their advisor should be maximizing their returns. Information about asset allocation, risk, reward, and rebalancing will help clients better understand the end goal and appreciate your role in creating a tailored investment strategy aligned with their objectives. They also don’t think they need your guidance to stay the course even though the average investor underperforms the stock market due to unsound decision-making. Information about the risks of emotional investing will heighten their appreciation of your long-run approach.

Thought leadership is a valuable tool for educating clients about wealth management. It provides context that builds trust, guides expectations, and helps clients understand the value of what you deliver.

* Source: The Value of Advice: What Investors Think, What Advisors Think, and How Everyone Can Get on the Same Page, The Investor Success Project, Morningstar.