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5 more reasons you should be on social

An annual research study released by Putnam Investments in April 2019 reports that financial advisors are rapidly gaining new clients from social media. Of the 1,021 financial advisors surveyed, 92% said that social media helped them gain new clients in 2018, versus 49% in 2013. 

Source: Putnam Investments, Social Advisor Survey 2019

In addition to gaining new clients, there are other advantages that come with active social media participation, including:
Faster and more efficient communications. Communications occur in real time, on platforms where clients are spending their time and are more comfortable interacting.

New opportunities. Following up on a client referral and making introductions to connect is much easier and faster through social media.

Connections. Making new connections to existing clients’ adult children and heirs are much easier than traditional methods.

Better client relationships. Through social media, advisors have a better sense of their clients’ personal lives, such as marriages, births, travel, career movements, etc., which can help build more personal, authentic relationships and create additional touch points for interactions.