A Brave Marketing Move: Blonde Espresso

Devotees of Starbucks, which include many at Optima Group, no doubt noticed the brief yet intense hype prior to January 9 both in store and online; “For the first time in 43 years” and “Something new is coming 01.09.18.” And there’s no way anyone could miss the entire menu board covered in PMS 123 (a yellow of considerable brightness) and large copy introducing the Blonde Espresso.

Starbucks is touting the Blonde Espresso as smooth and subtly sweet, but there is nothing subtle about its blonde campaign. Imagine this¬†– a brand that has the audacity to cover up every other product they sell in order to promote one? Who does that?! A brand that is exceptionally confident and very well-known. It’s safe to say that most brands would never have the chutzpah to even conceive of doing this – never mind to actually do it. The Starbucks brand assumes their customers know exactly what they want when they walk into their local Starbucks which is probably true, judging by some of the complicated orders people quickly rattle off when ordering.

Many people took to Twitter and other social media to express their feelings about the new coffee. You can search #Blondeespresso to see what people are saying. The “tall blonde” jokes will get old soon enough, but congratulations to Starbucks for creating a campaign that its audience is paying a lot of attention to, and in a positive way. And for the people who don’t know what to order at Starbucks, have no fear, the actual menu will have to come back sooner or later.