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A Note on Creative Messaging

Have you been to a museum lately? Probably not! But don’t worry, classic paintings like Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer still hang safely there. In late 2019 and through 2020, Invesco launched a “Times Change” campaign that may have confused some who are worried about the Girl’s pearl earring because in the ad it was replaced with an Apple Airpod.

The campaign showcases a series of replicated Old Master paintings to support the tagline “Times Change.” Invesco’s advertising agency, LIDA, commissioned each panting and conceived it to align with different Invesco investment solutions. For example, LIDA added modern windmills to Gainsborough’s Mr. and Mrs. Andrews to highlight Invesco’s ESG offerings. The alignment of old and new worked well with the tagline, while at the same time conveying Invesco’s heritage alongside its ability to offer something new. The campaign included both print and digital and ran throughout Europe.

In its recent Global 100 2020 ranking of the world’s largest asset managers in integrated marketing communications, Peregrine Communications used Invesco as a case study, saying: “…the campaign saw a dramatic increase in brand engagement, with branding growing by 32.5% in the week after the campaign launched. The fact that the campaign was able to generate the peak brand awareness in the last 12 months demonstrates the ability of well-thought out creative and messaging to engage institutional and retail audiences alike.”

Effectively marketing financial services, including wealth and asset management, is challenging. It takes creativity, an understanding of the financial services industry and the goals of its core target markets, to execute successfully. We congratulate LIDA on this innovative concept and always celebrate the ability of great creative to make a difference.

Advertisement images are from LIDA, part of M&C Saachi Group.