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A Personal Approach in a Socially Distant World

COVID-19 has impacted the way we conduct business around the world. The current challenge is how to be personal in a remote environment. Video is an increasingly important way to connect, share content and deliver messaging as well as connect with friends and family. From basic video conferencing with co-workers and clients to developing fresh video content for website and social media distribution, companies are leveraging video to communicate with a wide array of audiences.   

Video Content
Video is an integral part of brand building, bringing real faces to brand messaging with a personal touch. In the past few years, there has been a rise of mobile-optimized content as consumers rely on mobile devices for information and entertainment. Customers are looking to instantly engage and consume bite-sized content.

Social Media Video
Social media is an important part of a marketing strategy to bring businesses, people and communities together with shared stories and experiences. Social media allows companies to “market” in a non-aggressive, value-added way. Social media videos are an opportunity to share helpful and relatable content about how to manage the crisis, how your company is handling changes, share essential tips and other valuable information in an authentic manner. 

Optima Group understands the need to stay connected in good times and bad. We develop innovative ways to incorporate video and help your firm stay top of mind with your clients.