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An Important Message from Optima Group

As everyone continues to feel the effects of COVID-19, or coronavirus, we wanted to share with you our preparedness plans and our wishes for the continued well-being of our colleagues, partners and clients. Our goal is to continue to serve you and provide the highest level of attention and service. To that, we are taking the following steps:

1)     Business continuity plan activation. We have put into action our detailed business continuity and preparedness plan that covers remote workplaces, client communications, technology, cybersecurity and other key factors.

2)     Vigilance regarding health and the impact of contact with others. We remind, as always, anyone who is not feeling well to stay home and recover. We are practicing social distancing within our office and have established an optional remote workplace policy to enhance distancing. We have systematic interoffice communications and meetings both virtually and by phone multiple times a day to keep everything on track and continue to meet your expectations.

3)     Move to virtual meetings and communications. For the foreseeable future, we have cut down any non-essential travel or face to face meetings. We are fully enabled technologically to conduct virtual meetings through a variety of applications to continue to provide the guidance and help you require.  

4)     Heightened attention to office cleanliness and hygiene. We have increased our office cleaning and sanitation efforts and provided additional cleaning products and sanitizers for individuals to use as needed.

We understand that this is a very challenging time for all, but we remain committed to serving you as always. We continue to keep a close eye on the rapidly changing landscape in order to respond expeditiously. We thank you for the continued trust that you place in us and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have.