Bet You Can’t Skip Just One

Of course, your organization is committed to regular, value-added communications with your clients. You have a plan and a schedule and you start off strong. Kind of like a resolution to diet or exercise; in the beginning, you stick to it diligently. But then you get busy, you’re tired and there’s just too much going on. In this case perhaps there’s a “fire” to put out, it’s quarter end or year end, you’re short on people or you just don’t feel that there is anything interesting or worthwhile to communicate.

So, you’ll just skip this one time. Clients “won’t even notice.” And, next time, you’ll definitely make sure it happens. Well, think again. First, clients do notice. You’ve set an expectation of service and communications standards and failing in one area raises questions about your organization’s ability and willingness to fulfill in other areas. Additionally, building a brand, raising awareness and marketing effectiveness requires steady, ongoing communications. Sporadic, start and stop efforts can negatively affect brand equity.

Second, human nature all too often kicks in. You miss one publication, email or web posting date. Then the next due date comes around. You’re still really busy, resources are tight or you just don’t feel like doing it. But, next time….definitely, and on it goes. And just like that lapsed gym membership, you become completely out of the habit of doing it, and it’s too embarrassing to start up again.

So when that day, week or month comes along and temptation arises, resist and persevere. Your efforts will be rewarded. And, if you absolutely must delay or cancel a communication (yes, it will happen), don’t assume it will fly under the radar. Let your audience know what’s happening and when you plan to resume. Then you’ve continued to be a proactive communicator, set expectations and committed to deliver next time.