Brands are not Built in a Day

So often we hear clients say they want their brand to be like Nike, J.P. Morgan, or the hands down favorite, Apple. Let’s remember, the Apple brand, nor any other strong brand, was not born overnight. Or over a year. Or a decade. The Apple brand was nothing when Steve Jobs was working in his garage, and a decade later, it was still nothing. As contradictory as it sounds, a brand like this gains its status through consistency and evolution, not to mention a strong innovative product backed by an unwavering commitment.

How can we all hope to be Apple:

Consistency. Stay true to what you’re saying to your customers. If you tell them you are going to deliver the best widget with the best service, then do it. And above all, don’t confuse them. Don’t tell them you are one thing one day, and something else the next. Be consistent in your brand look and feel. It takes seven times for someone to see the same thing and remember it. Make sure all your touch points are brand consistent so the market grows to learn your visual clues.

Evolution. A brand needs to evolve as the company evolves. Recognize that your old brand look and feel may have worked in the 80’s but to attract younger consumers, you probably need to look more contemporary. And as your company’s offerings change, be sure they are reflected in the brand.