Breaking Down the Silos

As marketing becomes ever more multi-faceted and¬†digital marketing becomes a more “mature” environment, here are two trends we follow closely:

Increased emphasis on content marketing. We have long preached the importance of content marketing in its many forms, emails, shorter articles, newsletters and other thought leadership communications. It’s a valuable tool, both online and offline, in getting an organization’s name out there as a proactive, dynamic expert with a point of view and actionable insights. It provides an ongoing reason to reach out to clients and prospects. Research tells us that, in the financial world, one of the main reasons individuals and institutions leave their advisors is poor communication.

Integration of digital market as part of an overall marketing strategy. Social media has assumed an increasingly important role in the world overall and particularly in marketing. EMarketer projects that the average adult in the U.S. spends close to six hours a day with digital media, predominantly mobile, followed by desktop or laptop. As organizations recognize that different consumers liked to be reached in different ways, including a mix of digital and traditional, the focus is increasing on integrating different channels, rather than a silo-based approach where digital tactics were treated as something separate and standalone. Most organizations say that this effort is on their radar screen, but still has a significant way to go before full integration takes place.







Source: Smart Insights, TFM & A