Build Your Brand and They May Come

Cartoon Crowd, Deep Moat

If you really think about it, and you probably have, your firm’s brand may look like its hay day was in the early 80s. Is your brand awareness lower than you’d like? Is your brand promise built on ideas that were popular three decades ago? Times have changed, and perhaps your company offers new services or products as well as new technology that it didn’t have when you last branded. Your brand is your promise to clients and prospects. It is the greatest marketing tool you have. Is it pulling its weight? Is it projecting the true promise of your firm, the new promise, the 2015 promise? Is it giving the right impression?

Maybe you have recently rebranded or are interested in a brand makeover or perhaps a complete facelift. Refreshing your firm’s brand is a good idea if any of the above issues apply. The financial services industry has had to change and adapt since 2008; that often includes rethinking and redefining one’s brand.

It’s an exciting time, the building of a new brand. However, a new brand is not the magic bullet. It has to be nourished and well attended. It needs care and constant attention. Above all, it needs to be consistent, in look, in tone, in the speech on the elevator-in everything your firm does.