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Building Awareness and Trust Remotely

It’s been six months since coronavirus became a household word globally, and resilient businesses have adapted to a new (and hopefully temporary) world of social distancing.  

Wealth advisors have likewise had to adjust. How do you demonstrate your thought leadership and value-add when you can’t connect with prospects at a local event?

One way is to host a compelling webinar to engage with clients and prospects and build your business. Below are some helpful tips to conduct successful webinars:

Set your objective. Every webinar you host should have a specific goal that influences every other step you take. Are you prospecting to build your business? Educating and addressing client issues for retention purposes? Develop your content, target list and marketing plan accordingly.

Choose your platform. There are different software options with varying features and limitations. Popular video conferencing platforms include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and Google Meet. Determine the option that works best for your organization. 

Determine the format. There are several ways to structure a webinar, such as interview style, Q&A or, most common, presentation format, which is an onscreen presentation along with pre-written notes.

Prepare your presentation. If you are using presentation format, there are important factors to keep in mind for presenting remotely. Keep it brief:

• Write for your target

• Make the slides easy to read

• Prepare a script and stick to it

• Engage your audience

• Interact with your audience

Include a call to action (and contact information)

Build your audience. For a client-only event, stick to email. If you’re open to including prospects, social media (which you can boost for added reach) will widen the net. Things to keep in mind when developing your invitation:

• Email twice, the first time about one to two weeks out with one or two ‘it’s not too late’ follow-ups 

• If you’re using social media, be sure to include link to register

Hold a dry run…or two. Before you host a webinar, rehearse to make sure everything works and presenters are comfortable. Check that your audio is clear and electronics are plugged in and/or fully charged. 

Follow up with participants. Send a thank you email with a link, if possible, to the presentation, using this opportunity to (softly) promote your business.

Track your results. Measure the number of people who opened your email invitations and the click through rate of people who registered for the webinar (via email and social media) and the number who actually attended. If you’re not generating the response you anticipated, adjust variables for the next one until you feel confident you’re maximizing response.