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Burger Brand Wars

In January Burger King (BK as it’s known) came out with a completely new rebrand. And guess what? McDonald’s just came out with a rebrand too.

Now, if you follow these sorts of things, which we do, not only are we watching burger wars, we’re also watching branding wars. Before you think that McDonald’s just copied BK in a month and a half, know that (first) it would be impossible, and McDonald’s started its rebranding initiative back in 2016. However, making the competition even more interesting are the similar styles the companies chose. Both are heavily based on flat graphic illustrations, using remarkably similar colors. However, design and branding experts are already giving BK the win on this one. Here’s why.

The BK brand uses a new customized typeface appropriately named Flame, constructed to be cool and “groovy.” The new typeface undoubtedly gives the whole brand an upbeat look and feel, especially because it is used generously, even on the packaging, describing what the product is (seriously, who wouldn’t want a Tasty Eggy meal?).

Image credit: Burger King Corporation

Image credit: McDonald’s

McDonald’s also went with colorful graphics, showing the essence of what the product is on the packaging. Although the McDonald’s packaging is meant to bring out the “joyful moments” consumers associate with the brand, the BK packaging is somehow, well, more joyful.

The BK brand is rolling out initially across the U.S. and will enter global markets in the next few years. The McDonald’s brand is going the opposite way, starting from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and eventually the U.S. within the next, you guessed it, two years.

Why do these burger brands matter? When iconic brands come to market with similar consumer facing visual identities, they create a trend that will likely start spreading to other types of brands at the same rate as their individual rollouts.

You may have noticed BK changed its logo and McDonald’s did not. Why would they? The golden arches are one of the, if not the single most recognizable logo in the world. So much so that the advertising agency Leo Burnett has done several campaigns in which you don’t even see the entire logo; even one golden arch says it all.

Source: McDonald’s / Leo Burnett