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By the Numbers

By Tracy HM Hubbard

We love numbers—analytics, metrics, more analytics, useful information from websites, social media, and digital advertising. We want to share some astronomical numbers that are too fun to ignore. This is particularly pertinent in light of Monday’s six-hour outage of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and the ensuing uproar.

Domo came out with its ninth Data Never Sleeps report. The report tracks activity by the minute (worth bolding and repeating because we are talking about a minute. One. Minute).

A few highlights:

Some more interesting numbers from other sources:

So, what do all these numbers mean? They mean you have to have engaging quality content on multiple social media platforms. What the numbers don’t show: with all this social activity online people are yearning for actual contact… a call, a card, a coffee.

I’ll leave you with a case study of great marketing. I was looking for a ring, and because of those pesky little internet cookies, jewelry designers started showing up in my Instagram feed. From that feed, I found a ring I loved and ordered it. What was truly meaningful, however, was the handwritten note in the package thanking me for my purchase, personally signed and accompanied by a smiley face. This company leveraged the full capabilities of the internet to win a new customer and when they did, they used the human touch to elevate the client experience.