Connect To Me

According to a recent Pew Research Study, social media usage by college educated, older internet users, is on the rise. It appears that over half of those aged 50-65, a key demographic for wealth managers, are interacting on various media platforms.

The growing pervasiveness of social media should not be overlooked by wealth management firms who may have questioned the value of this medium in the past. Social media offers the opportunity to connect to clients and prospects on a personal level in a non-invasive way. Also, compliance hurdles are becoming less of an issue. The SEC ruled in April, 2013 that companies can use social media to disclose material information to investors.

Today, the most effective wealth management marketing efforts tend to be amalgams of traditional and social media. Leading firms are building multi-outlet communications platforms that, with the addition of social media, more fully leverage the marketing value of their intellectual capital. Beyond just a Facebook page or Linkedin account these platforms may include such elements as posting educational videos and forums on YouTube and Flickr, tweeting links to research on Twitter and designing magazines on Flipboard.

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