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Design Trends

The buzz around Pantone’s Color of the Year has died down. (You may remember the color is Classic Blue.) But Pantone is not the only trend forecaster, and we pay close attention to many other things trending. In case you are redoing a room, planning a wedding or deciding what to wear tomorrow, we thought we’d share some.

Art Deco
A comeback of Art Deco began in 2019, and the trend will continue into 2020. “The coming year will include a decidedly retro twist. Ornate geometric shapes, elegant color palettes, and Art Deco elements are on the rise, reflecting the hallmarks of a bygone era.”—    Shutterstock 2020 Creative Trends

Yellows and Earthtones
“Based on continued rises in key search terms and business intelligence, we are now seeing yellow emerge as a key colour in the visualisation of corporate life and is now regularly featured in our most popular business‑related content.”—    Getty Images Creative Insight

The color of the year for Sherwin Williams is Navel, “a rich navy that creates a calm and grounding environment infused with quiet confidence.” Its video announcing the color has an art deco flair, and it pairs the color with…you guessed it, yellow, well, technically “Midday.”

Some of the earthtones we will see from the fashion world: 

Trending along with minimalist home décor will be minimalist design. We will see more white space and fewer colors. Simple line art will be a trend for 2020, with minimal splashes of color. 

Photography is perhaps one of the most exciting creative forms. Digital and mirrorless cameras, along with smart phones, have changed the way photographs look, not to mention the types of photos we can now get with a GoPro or a Drone.

Trends in photography that are becoming popular and will continue to grow for the next several years are:
• Relaxed wedding photography as well as more candid corporate images
• The use of flash to create a specific look; and
• Good old-fashioned film which can create a different, more dramatic look than digital cameras.

While not all of these trends will find their way into financial services communications, we find it helpful to have knowledge of what is going on outside the industry.