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Digital Marketing Simplified

As most marketers in the asset and wealth management industries know, you must have a strong digital marketing strategy to stay relevant, promote your brand and generate leads.

Digital marketing for asset and wealth managers can take many forms which often makes it difficult to know just where to start. One easy way to think about digital marketing is in terms of the type of media that you are generating.

Paid Media – this includes all advertising and paid sponsorships, including display ads, search engine ads, such as Google Ads, remarketing and retargeting of ads, and social media ads, including direct ads, sponsored content, targeting and boosting within specific platforms.

Owned Media – this includes all the media that your firm develops and promotes on its own. It includes your website, blog, email content and social media pages and posts. It may also include webinars and podcasts your firm develops and hosts, either on its website or through a separate platform, for example, a dedicated YouTube channel.

Earned Media – this can be thought of as any likes, reposts, retweets and other commentary about your firm on third-party sites. It also includes testimonials and media coverage of your firm. The success of these efforts is highly dependent on how active your firm is on social media, the quality and regularity of your content, how much effort (and potentially dollars) are invested in SEO strategy, and other factors.

For asset and wealth managers, the most successful digital strategy incorporates elements from all three sources. Taking one facet away from your digital program significantly reduces the opportunity to drive more traffic to the others, to your website, and ultimately lead generation activity.

For instance, an effective paid media program that incorporates display, search and social media can help drive traffic to your owned media such as your website and your blog, as well as to online events such as podcasts and webinars. It can also help to generate earned media in the form of reposts and likes. A strong owned media program comprising an engaging website and compelling posts, emails and blogs can also help to drive more earned media. The key is to devote sufficient resources to each strategy so that they work in concert to build your audiences and help drive more qualified leads through your marketing funnel.