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Everyone Needs Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, the final season of Game of Thrones (GOT) starts April 14, 2019. HBO has been marketing the show aggressively. You might think they really don’t have to considering (almost) everyone is talking about it, not to mention 47 Emmy awards, 98 thousand social media mentions in one episode and over 10 million viewers.

There was a co-branded commercial during the Super Bowl for Bud Light(if you don’t watch GOT, you may have been wondering why there was a giant knight and a dragon in the commercial). HBO started the Bleed for the Throne blood drive, working with the American Red Cross. Recently, the new buzz is the #ForTheThrone campaign in which there are seven thrones throughout the world waiting to be found.

Add in cast interviews on every possible late-night talk show plus microsites, blogs and every conceivable hashtag, not to mention countless numbers of Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to the show. The Super Bowl and World Series do not get such enthusiastic buzz.

If HBO is putting that much marketing effort into the most popular, most talked about, most played on demand show ever, shouldn’t all companies be putting at least some effort into their marketing? Marketing is essential in the competitive wealth management environment; brand is paramount; and digital is a must. And, if you don’t have something of interest to say on social media you may not be considered contemporary to your prospects and COIs versus more “socially” active competitors. There are 67 episodes to watch before April 14th. If you start tonight (March 26th) and watch about 3.5 episodes a night, you’ll be ready for the big night. If you want to accelerate your marketing, Optima Group can help with informed content, social media, marketing plans, creative strategies, and stand out campaign ideas (but without dragons; they are actually pretty hard to get.)