Five Steps to a Better Website

Your website is one of the most important expressions of your brand. For some companies it is practically the only thing out there giving clients and prospects a sense of who you are as a company. No matter the size of the company, here are some general things to think about. In this fast paced world where it’s possible to put a website up overnight, taking time to think about these considerations can help ensure your web presence is an effective tool for marketing your organization.

1. Make sure your website design and content are consistent with your brand.

2. Deliver content in a manner that is easy to read and skim, by:

  • Ensuring your content is helping your clients and/or prospects, there is something there that they need
  • Using color, typography and spacing
  • Breaking copy up into consumable sections using headlines, subheads, bullets, callouts, tables and relevant graphics
  • Writing concisely, cutting out extraneous content
  • Using relevant imagery to make the experience more interesting for users

3. Consider professional videos on your site to add personality and credibility.

4. Design predictable and understandable navigation, and lastly,

5. Include call-to-actions to make it clear that you are not just a website; you are real people who would welcome a call or email inquiring more about your services.