Getting “app” Happy


It seems that everywhere you turn today there is some new popular app out, from one that just allows you to send the word “yo” (really?!) to those that allow one to shop various name brand sales all in one location (ok, so that one’s pretty good). But does everything need to be an app and does every organization need to have one?

When considering or starting to develop an app, ask these questions to make sure you need one and if it is already a done deal, follow these guidelines to develop an app that doesn’t sit gathering virtual dust:

• Is there a specific reason to have an app that your current clients will value – make transactions easier and more mobile, provide account access on the go?
• Is there a way to provide a unique, customized experience – personalize “my app” ability, deposit checks without having to visit a branch, live chat with a representative, account or trading alerts?
• Does it provide a way to demonstrate your expertise and intellectual capital to clients and prospects – thought leadership, daily updates?
• Can you make it a rich experience that is not just an advertisement for your services – tie into community and locational activities and events, provide a philanthropic point of view?
• Can you keep the app attractive, clean and easy to use – simple menu, storage of (non-secure) information, navigationally logical?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then start building that app today. If not, be strategic and put together a plan that will allow you to build that killer app.