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Getting the Word Out to Millennials

The most effective “advertising” is word of mouth. It comes from a reliable, often trusted, source, and it’s free. Millennials are no exception to this rule. Like preceding generations, they’re most likely to heed a trusted source. However, word of mouth has evolved to the words, pictures, videos, etc. of social platforms. 

Here are some ways advisors can reach millennials in the digital age. 

Be seen. Videos have never been easier to make, and millennials can’t get enough of them. YouTube has become a near-limitless repository of instructions and how-to. Come up with a list of discrete topics, set up a YouTube channel (easier than you might think), and speak to each for about a minute or two in your own voice.

Get on the platforms. When people Google search your name, you can elevate your presence by being on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. But make sure your headline and summary – call it your value proposition – is as captivating as it is informative. Then use social media regularly to spread your word. Post your thoughts and the videos you’ve been producing, share other content, and even publish articles.

Communicate regularly. During market volatility, one of the most valuable services an advisor can render is to acknowledge what’s going on and demonstrate that you are responding to the situation. Depending on your organization’s compliance procedures, reach out by email or text. The smart phone is an appendage of any millennial, so you can be sure they’ll receive it almost in real time.