Happy Holidays and Annual Look Ahead


Optima Group would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and all the best for the New Year. As we look out to 2016, here are some brief thoughts and trends to consider for the coming year:

Interest rates went up and the world did not end. In our opinion, this reinforces the importance of communications. Particularly during uncertain times, topical communications can help forestall and alleviate client concerns.

While the robo(t)s are not taking over the world, they are here to stay. We expect robo-advisor capabilities to be increasingly integrated into a full spectrum investment offer.

Just because you build it, AND SEO it, does not mean they will come. Investors rarely choose their wealth or institutional manager by an online search. Typically, they already know the firm or have been referred to it by a trusted source. We anticipate that organizations will focus more resources on pull strategies designed to proactively attract clients and visitors to their sites.

Related to the point above, it’s all about dynamic content. We believe that the importance of dynamic thought leadership content distributed electronically through multiple media will only continue to grow in importance.

Technology is enabling even more targeted sales and marketing efforts. As organizations further implement CRM and leverage analytics and tracking, the ability to fine tune and customize a message down to the individual level becomes easier. Big brother really may be watching you.