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How to Get a Handle on Twitter

Want a low cost way to grow your brand organically and generate leads? Open a Twitter account for your business. You just need a profile, header photo, account handle, and a brief company bio and you’re ready to go! 

Why tweet? Everyone is doing it! Even @RoyalFamily! There are 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, and chances are, most of your clients are on Twitter. You’ll position yourself as relevant and current! 

Tag others, like @optimagroupinc, to leverage your network for greater coverage and use a few relevant hashtags, such as #WealthAdvisor or #FinancialPlanning (or boost your posts) to expand your reach and join trending conversations. 

Make the most of each tweet by including a link to a specific page on your website or other CTA aligned with your goals.

No need to limit your tweets to your own content. You can also retweet helpful articles and ideas along with your comments. For example, see why now is the time to delight wealth clients digitally.