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How to Spring Clean Your Brand

Spring brings a sense of renewal, so it’s the perfect time to clean and revive. People give their homes a “spring clean” with the goal of making things feel fresh and new. But spring cleaning is not just for your home, use this mindset to breathe new life into your brand. Embrace the new quarter as a new beginning and an opportunity to revitalize your creative, positioning and marketing plans. 

Your brand creates an immediate first impression and is crucial to your business strategy. A strong brand should reflect your evolution by showcasing your value proposition, vision, and intent of the business. It allows you to connect with your current audience and reach new clients.

Here are four questions to ask yourself as you consider refreshing your brand this spring:  

Logo and Brand Identity  
Question: Does your logo, look and voice reflect where you want to be in this new decade?

Recommendation: Use this time to evaluate your mission statement/value proposition, logo, website and other creative assets. A strong brand is the pillar of your marketing efforts and is essential for building awareness. Companies are constantly evolving, and a refresh keeps your brand from feeling or looking old. On average companies update their identity every 7-10 years. Renew and refresh your company’s vibrancy and set yourself apart from the competition with an updated brand.

Client Audience and Database
Question: Who is your ideal client? Are you reaching them? Is your database segmented?

Recommendation: Now is the time to clean your client lists to ensure the information is current, accurate and consistent. After your data base has been scrubbed, the next step is to identify high potential niche groups with specific needs and create audience segments and client personas. Through audience segmentation you can deliver more focused, personalized and relevant content to targeted clients which ultimately provides a better client experience. 

Client Service
Question: Are you proactively anticipating clients’ needs and adapting your offering accordingly? Do you have a pulse on what your clients want in 2020?

Recommendation: As remote interaction and servicing becomes commonplace, businesses must find new and creative ways to help their clients and still provide exceptional client service from afar. This is an opportunity to implement digital solutions and technology such as video meeting apps into your communication efforts. This is also a great time to survey clients about specific products and services as well as overall company experience. Leverage any learned information from clients including feedback and reviews. These insights can help you determine what can be done to make your products and services better and what can be eliminated from the mix. In today’s world, it is crucial to provide a friendly digital presence and respond quickly to client needs. Embrace digital solutions to help you maintain exceptional client service and gain critical feedback.

Social Media
Question: Do you have the right social media accounts for your business? If so, are they up-to date? Do you have planned content to publish on these channels?

Recommendations: Evaluate the social media accounts you are currently using and make sure they are updated with current logos, images and links to your website. Review and refresh your social media strategy, set goals, examine analytics and build robust content calendars. LinkedIn and Twitter are the fundamental social accounts for financial services, but Instagram can bolster brand awareness and help you engage with clients. HubSpot reports that Instagram sees over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories. There is a financial services audience on Instagram, but make sure your content is optimized on this platform, which relies heavily on visuals including captivating photography and videos. Your employees are also key in building your social media presence. Recommend that their profiles are up to date and connected to your business page. Encourage your employees to connect on LinkedIn and share your content. They are valuable to organically expanding your social reach and building brand awareness. Finally, don’t forget to clean out your messages and make sure you haven’t missed any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback. Clients expect instant responses, this is a chance to showcase exceptional client service in a public forum.