It’s All About More

Young businessman checking mark on checklist with marker. Isolated on white.

As the holiday season approaches, Optima Group would like to wish all of our friends and clients a Happy Thanksgiving. We thought it would be interesting to take an informal poll to compile a short list of the top developments in individual financial services for which we and others are grateful; we invite you to respond with your top picks! As you’ll see, it’s all about more:

More ways to invest (too many perhaps?) – Whether you want to go it alone, get advice or information to guide your decisions or a robo-advisor to do it all for you, there’s an option out there for everyone.

More investment selection – Active, passive, in between, alternative investments in mutual fund form, ETFs for investors focused on low costs, it’s all there!

More convenience – It’s now easier than ever to manage your financial life without ever leaving your house. From mobile deposits and executing investment trades to sending money to individuals through apps like Venmo, the list grows ever longer.

More time – 24/7 online access, extended branch hours for bricks and mortar, banks in supermarkets open seven days a week, the cell phone number of your trusted advisor. We’re all connected, all the time.