It’s not only how often you say it, it’s what you say

When developing a strategic marketing communications plan for our wealth management and institutional clients, incorporating a series of proactive, outbound communications is usually a key element of the plan. One of the most frequent questions that we get is “Won’t we annoy our clients, prospects and centers of influence by communicating with them so often?” The answer is, it depends on the communications. To take an analogy that many can relate to, think of a child’s communications with his or her parents once they have left home for college or career. Most parents would like to hear from their child, someone they care for deeply, on a regular basis. However, if every call or text is a request for something (such as money), that does get pretty annoying. Yet, every parent I know reads with interest a text or social media post that fills them in on what is going on with their kids. Now, let’s be realistic, chances are that at some point, one’s child is going to ask for money or some item, but it’s the frequency that can be so off-putting.

People feel similarly about the organization that holds one of their most valued possessions, their financial assets. A bombardment of communications only trying to sell product and get more money is probably not going to be effective and will irritate recipients. Communications that let them know what your firm is thinking and doing, particularly to help them preserve and grow their assets, along with a tactful message that you always welcome the opportunity to discuss how you could help them even more, will be welcome.