It’s Time to Make the Donuts… Go Away

Big news, Dunkin’ dropped the Donuts from its name. If you really like donuts, this is huge. If you are like us, and follow branding trends, this is really huge. Some of you are skeptical, we get it. What’s the big deal, let’s face it, the whole rebrand thing didn’t work out so well for GAP. This is different.

For one thing, in a health-conscious competitive marketplace, doughnuts are not up there on the list of things that are good for you. By eliminating the word donuts from its name consumers could grow to believe Dunkin’ is an option for healthier foods. Ditching the donuts might help Dunkin’ in its ongoing coffee war with Starbucks, which dare we say, also sells unhealthy food products, but doesn’t allude to this in its name.

Paying attention

This may also be a case of a brand listening to its consumer base and adjusting accordingly. Think of it this way: you’re rushing out the door on a Saturday morning trying to get two kids onto two different fields for whatever sport they are playing this season and as everyone is buckling up you say, “We’re going to stop at Dunkin’ on the way.” Your teenager, your mom, your significant other…everyone knows them as “Dunkin’” (unless you’re an old-line New Englander) and now they have acknowledged it. Brands evolve and must align with what their audiences make them.

The company made the decision to become a “beverage-led, on-the-go brand.” As we sit here and watch the stock go up (for this moment in time anyway) it may appear it was the right decision. Time will tell, but we think it’s refreshing when a brand refreshes. They can take the donuts out of the name as long as they don’t take them out of the store.