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It’s Your Website’s Job

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your company’s website is the window to your brand. With fewer in-person interactions happening every day, a compelling, engaging, and interactive website is key. Your marketing, communications, and business frankly depend on it.

For wealth management firms, some objectives when developing or updating your firm’s website are: 

Business development
Unlike e-commerce firms, sophisticated wealth management clients rarely “buy” your services directly through your website. Instead, your website brings your firm to life for prospects who “found you” through an existing client, center of influence, webinar, email campaign or thought leadership. A great website enhances each step of your business development efforts by showing how your clients benefit from your approach. To support lead generation and information capture, visitors to your site should be encouraged to read up to date information, subscribe to content, and submit inquiries for follow-up.

Brand building
Your value and brand should shine through your site with every view and click. If your firm is high touch, then reflect that through a website, with ample opportunity to engage and interact. If a disciplined, sophisticated investment approach is your calling card, then your site can demonstrate that process in a way that is easy for visitors to follow. And, if your team is extraordinary, then personality should be front and center, featuring their expertise and accessibility through videos, photos, and quotes. 

Information resource
To build your brand and reputation, your firm should regularly produce high quality, value-added content including videos, webinars, and commentary to engage and guide your viewers. This will encourage visitors to learn about the relevance of your thinking and how you help manage their lives and their wealth. 

Employee recruiting 
A great website can also help you recruit top-notch resources by quickly demonstrating that you are a “serious player.” Information that humanizes your firm, promotes your awards and recognition, philanthropic initiatives, corporate sponsorships and events will help you attract professionals whose skills match your culture and needs.