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Your clients and prospects are using social media, most likely more than any other means of communication, and the strategic use of hashtags will allow you to reach more of them. 

For financial service organizations, brand awareness is extremely important, and social media is one way to build your brand. According to Pew Research, over 70% of Americans leverage social media to get their news, share content, and access entertainment.* It’s where connections are made and word of mouth takes place. Most businesses understand that a social presence is table stakes. However, once you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other appropriate social channels, it takes time to build a following. One way to expand your reach is through the strategic use of hashtags. 

What are hashtags? Hashtags are words or phrases that channel your social posts into specific online conversations about subjects such as #divorce or #FinancialPlanning. You can join trending conversations and show support for causes you believe in by posting relevant and timely hashtags, such as #ChooseToChallenge or #IWD2021 for International Women’s Day or #EqualPayDay in support of women clients. You can #LightItUpBlue for #AutismAwareness to demonstrate your commitment to clients with special needs loved ones. And, you can share value-added financial posts throughout #FinancialLiteracy month each April. 

How can hashtags help you grow your audience? People use hashtags to find information. When your target audience searches a hashtag you used, they will see your post and may opt to follow you. Interesting, informative and snappy content will grab the reader’s attention. And consistently using a few, select hashtags will allow you to build recognition and confidence. 

How many hashtags are appropriate for each post? The more hashtags you use, the more conversations you will join; however, there is such a thing as too many. When posting to Twitter, your hashtags count toward your 280-character count, which will naturally limit the number you can use. Best practices for businesses are to limit the number to about 3 to 5 in general, and 1 to 3 for Twitter. 

Keep digital social etiquette in mind when you post. Choose hashtags that are relevant and appropriate for your business. Don’t highjack conversations. For example, it would be considered inappropriate to use #OprahWinfrey to increase your views.