Lots of Thinking – Too Little Marketing?

There is a lot of industry buzz about thought leadership. In a world awash with wealth and asset management providers, thought leadership is an effective way to differentiate your firm. However, to many firms thought leadership only means “white papers.”

The eyes have it
The changing media landscape has not changed the immutable rules of marketing. Getting attention is as dependent on the number of times your message is seen as well as the quality of your message. Getting the eyes of your audience riveted on your best thinking means fully integrated campaigns.

The most effective thought leadership campaigns are:

• Designed around key themes: They align with and highlight your brand
• Topical as well as investment focused: They demonstrate how your strategies solve evergreen and topical financial problems
• Easily understood: They are clear and accessible. Use of jargon is minimized
• Multi-media: Campaigns that get attention include white papers, video, email blasts, articles, presentations, microsites, social media and website promotion
• Sales-enabling: A robust campaign serves as a jumping off point for outbound telemarketing, PR, and event marketing
• Occur regularly: Campaigns should be delivered quarterly at a minimum, with frequent interim communications

But that’s not all…
We recommend immediately reaching out to your clients and prospects in response to major market, economic and political events. This means a fast response team that can generate email blasts as well as PR prompts for your leadership to use. The message to your clients should be clear – while you are watching their money you are also keeping a close watch on the macro environment. Even a message stating that you do not believe that an event requires a change in strategy should be shared.

Next time you have a good thought, or are looking for good thoughts, think program, think campaign, but think often and think fast.