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New Year, New Decade, New Client Experience

As we start a new year and a new decade, we embrace new marketing pillars that will dictate future growth and success. We have made our 2020 Marketing Resolutions and they revolve around the client. In this fast paced, competitive environment, navigating client needs has become much more complex. We resolve to focus on the client and their needs and create more personalized experiences while delivering superior service. This focus will ultimately build more meaningful relationships with the right customers and ensure their satisfaction. 

Client Experience – Empower clients and their journeys. 2020 is about omni-channel delivery; clients demand service in-person, by phone, on desktop, mobile, and tablets and through social media. Clients want to connect on the channel that is most convenient for them 24/7 and when they connect they expect to be “served.” The goal is to ensure that every touch point a client has with your brand tells your story and delivers an experience that makes your organization stand out from the competition. Think ahead, be proactive and anticipate client needs by integrating all marketing channels seamlessly to ensure you have a happy, satisfied client.

Personalization – Although this is not a new concept, this year raise personalization to new standards, fueled by AI and machine learnings. Consumers have learned to tune out generic marketing and are responding to ads tailored to their needs, interests, preferences and behaviors. Personalized messages create a connection between your brand, products and your target market.

Technology – We live in a fast-paced digital world and must embrace technology and digital advancements. Innovation and growth require access to deep data and the technology to apply this data to sales and relationship management. In order to meet today’s marketing challenges head on, data and analytics are critical to building and enhancing communication, identifying market opportunities, improving targeting and creating digital solutions.Whether it’s creating a new logo, refreshing your website to improve user navigation to make content easier to find, adjusting your e-mail campaign strategy by segmenting target audiences to send them personalized messages, or adding engaging video content to your social media channels, now is the time to start implementing these three key marketing factors as they determine where the industry is going in 2020 and beyond.