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Optima Group’s Perspective: Find your creative side

As a creative director, I have always been, well… creative. I regularly paint, design, draw and write in my spare time. Art is an activity that can be done while socially distancing. Since most of us are home and may be looking for things to do I have assembled a few very relaxing, easy to do, and fun creative options, and what you need to start. The important thing to remember is that the final product is not what’s important, what’s important is your creative journey. A journey that may help get your mind on something other than the headlines.

Adult coloring books
Traditional kids’ coloring books have been uplifted and upscaled, creating an entire market of adult coloring books. Amazon or Barnes and Nobel have a large selection to choose from. Pick one that has images suited to your personality. Some can be fairly complicated; others have simpler shapes. Mandalas (complex abstract designs) are thought to be good therapy because of the repeated patterns. Get a colored pencil set that has at least 24 colors. These range in quality, Prismacolor Premier is a good brand and there is nothing wrong with good old Crayola Colored pencils. 

Download this mandala to start coloring right now!

Paint by Number Kits
You may remember paint by numbers as a kid, but some people don’t even know these exist. You get a canvas with numbers on it, all the paint you need with corresponding numbers and brushes. Then you paint. It’s that simple and it’s very relaxing. However, some of them can be very complicated, if you tend to be low on patience choose a simpler one, or one marked “easy” as your first canvas. You can buy kits on Amazon, as well as and, where you can also get a custom canvas made from one of your photos. 

Avoid an oil paint kit, as it requires extra steps and supplies for cleaning. Be sure your kit is water based (usually acrylic paint). The brushes that come with the sets are typically not great, so you may want to get a small set of brushes with various sizes, you will want soft bristles for watercolor/acrylic paint. This is a nice beginner set that is reasonably priced.

Try Creative Writing
If writing is more your thing, download A Year of Writing Prompts from Writer’s Digest. Every day is a new idea and a new opportunity to get your creative juices flowing! All you need is the computer you’ve been working on all day, but you may find you can be more creative with an old fashion notebook and pen.

Use these creative ideas to relax and get through the current crisis. Or maybe you have a creative outlet of your own already. Whatever it is, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and relax!

Stay safe and healthy,

Tracy Hubbard
Creative Director