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Orange is the New Brand

If you ask someone in your office or on the street what some of the strongest brands are, you will probably hear names like Apple, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Nike. While these brands are well-recognized and respected, there are many others that provide a brand experience worth mentioning. One such company is Public Storage. From a branding perspective, Public Storage is doing an excellent job and here’s why: 

Consistency. The company uses its brand assets consistently and extensively. The logo and primary brand color are orange, it’s used on buildings, products and the doors to all the storage units. This visual cue allows consumers to quickly recognize the brand.

Customer experience. When you walk into a Public Storage facility everything is clean and orange and all products are displayed neatly. The person behind the counter is wearing something orange. The experience is somewhat hi-tech for a storage facility, with electronic forms, and systems that tell the staff exactly what they need to know in order to answer your questions.

Online experience. The website is completely on brand and user friendly. You can find a unit in the size and location you want. The website shares customer ratings on all locations and provides a picture of the facilities. Orange calls to action throughout the website allow the visitor to easily understand what to do next. There is also plenty of information on what fits into the different size units, how to pack and well-done fun videos that provide tips regarding your storage unit. You can also reserve and pay for your unit online.

There are many other factors that go into an easily recognizable brand (other than orange); everything has to work together whether you’re selling storage units or wealth management. A consistent look and feel along with an on-brand customer experience will deliver the brand awareness your company needs.

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