“Publish or Perish”

This time worn admonishment to would be professors is arguably even more applicable to the managers of today’s investment firms. Thought leadership, the business corollary of scholarly journal articles, has become a critical, even essential, element of these firms’ ongoing marketing efforts.

We believe that the most effective thought leadership:
• Reflects the core competency of a firm and helps define and give substance to its value proposition
• Acts as a proof point of expertise and innovation
• Differentiates the firm and its solutions from competitors
• Provides a value-added service in itself in the form of advice, commentary and strategic direction
• Builds relationships and trust with the market based on reason, insight and shared mutual interest

Effective thought leadership is also sensitive to the level of sophistication of the audience, topically relevant and, if possible, entertaining.

We expect the importance of thought leadership for marketing investment management firms to continue to grow. This growth will be supported by ongoing improvement in communications’ technology, lower delivery costs, and an increase in market awareness and sophistication.