Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Websites can be a tricky initiative. For many firms these days, their website may be a prospective client’s first point of contact. At the very least, it’s where a contact will go to validate your existence as a “real” company. On one hand, of course, you want to make a good first impression. On the other hand, similar to online dating sites, where it would be annoying if the picture and profile you saw online bore no resemblance to the actual person you met, you don’t want visitors to get an impression of you from your website that is not carried through in real life. Some helpful hints when developing or refreshing your website:
• Be true to yourself and your company’s culture and personality
• Understand what audiences you are trying to reach through your website and target appropriately
• Don’t be afraid to make an impact though; you are trying to promote your company
• Just because you love another company’s website doesn’t mean it’s right for your company
• Don’t make visitors work too hard to discover exactly what you do; you may not be quite as well-known as you think you are
• It’s more important to have your website out there and adapt as needed than to strive for perfection and never actually launch
• Remember, in the investment and wealth management space, the purpose of your website is to give visitors enough information to entice them to contact you, not give them an exhaustive and detailed description of everything you do and how you do it