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Reach Out and Write Someone

Client experience. Relationship building. Client-centric service—all standard in wealth management. You work hard every day, and sometimes into the night, to give your clients what they want and need. No doubt you communicate through email and possibly texting. These are great methods for client communication, but when was the last time you sent a handwritten note?

Our mailboxes (the real ones that stick out of the ground or are built into a wall) have become sad empty places, where we get coupons we will never use and direct mail we will likely not open. With so much electronic communication and lonely mailboxes (even bills come electronically for most of us) wouldn’t it be memorable to receive a beautiful envelope with a nice card that feels great to touch and a personal handwritten message? Your clients get the same boring mail as you do, so why not surprise them with a heartfelt note? 

Send one on special occasions or everyday occasions
Have a few clients who are business owners? Learn when they started their business and send them a note congratulating them on their longevity and success. Birthdays seem like a given, but what about a note saying, “Hi Judy, I know Evan started school this past month, I hope he is doing well, and you are slowly getting used to the quiet house!” After all, you may have been the one who helped Judy get Evan an education. End with “Let me know if I can help with anything.”

Keep it short and sweet
No need for an extensive missive using all four sides of a card. Get to the point quickly whether you are congratulating or thanking them.

Make it special
Nothing says how appreciated someone is like a handwritten note on really high-quality heavy paper with a matching envelope. Get something that fits your personality, classic or modern, plain or with artwork, as long as you feel special sending it, your client will feel special getting it. Handwriting the address on the envelope and putting a real stamp on it will elevate the experience. To really take it to the next level, you could even get high-end cards made with your company’s brand as well as personalized stamps.