Seeing is Believing

Wealth management can be a less than engaging topic at times. While estate planning, asset allocation and fiduciary standards are important to your clients, they can be difficult to read about on websites. To make the topic more impactful, interesting and interactive, consider adding video. When handled well, the benefits can be significant.

Financial services firms can make their services far more accessible to consumers by using video as a complement to straight text. A well-scripted video can quickly communicate expertise, trust and confidence, facilitating lead generation while communicating the value proposition of your business. Intelligent use of video allows prospects and clients to see who is behind money management, humanizing your asset managers and promoting your investment intelligence.

Educative video clips provide other opportunities. Short in length, these videos can replace text to explain complicated details about a product or service. Imagine using these videos to show clients how to access their wealth accounts online, or to engage them in understanding the depth of your investment research. These kinds of videos show off your organization’s benefits without appearing to be an outright advertisement.

Video is beneficial beyond connecting to your target consumer. It increases your website’s ranking on search engines, gives conversion rates a boost, generates higher quality leads, encourages greater engagement and builds brand awareness. Using videos in combination with traditional white papers, newsletters, or other program components allows you to more deeply inform your prospect or client regarding your offering.

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