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Above: Microsoft’s new emoji designs are announced ahead of World Emoji Day 2021.

Did you miss the World Emoji Day celebrations on July 17th? Don’t worry, we’re not sure there were any! But it happened regardless and takes place every year on July 17th, so you might want to mark your calendar for 2022.

Adobe released its 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report on (you guessed it 7/17). It surveyed over 7,000 emoji users worldwide and found that the top five favorite emoji are:

55% are more comfortable expressing emotions through emoji than phone conversations

Some facts about emoji:
• They were originally the idea and design of Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita to convey simple information. In 1999, the set looked like this:


• The Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit United Nations type of group for text standards across different computers and platforms, regulates and manages the approval of emoji

• Anyone can submit an idea for an emoji to be included in the next versions of Unicode and Emoji (both currently on version 14.0) is the source to find the meaning and background of every emoji. 

It’s all about communication
Emoji are important because they give us a way to communicate emotion when our words may not be saying exactly what we want. How many times have you sent a text thinking it sounded a little curt and decided to include an emoji? Just the simple use of a heart helps make up for the limitations of electronic messaging and the lack (or misunderstanding) of emotion. The very concept of the emoji goes back to the idea that a picture paints a thousand words, which makes emoji useful since no one wants to write or read a thousand-word text.

Bottom line, emoji sprang from the desire to communicate easily and quickly. As humans, even those tirelessly on their smartphones, our natural tendency is to communicate. 

Some additional insight from the Adobe Global Emoji Trend Report:

Global emoji users believe:
88% are more likely to feel empathetic toward someone if they use an emoji

67% think that people who use emoji are friendlier, funnier, or cooler than those who don’t

71% feel that using emoji at work positively impacts likability and credibility