Split Personality?


As marketers in an increasingly digital world, we are frequently tasked with helping our clients build and enhance their digital presence. For wealth management firms especially, the challenge is how to digitally convey an experience that is typically high-touch, often in-person and customized. Some of the best examples that we look to for inspiration are not other financial websites, but luxury goods brands.

Rolls Royce (, for example, does a superb job at capturing the emotion and experience of owning and driving a top-end vehicle with a single, extremely lush image and copy line introducing their new model “Dawn,” with “Dawn is here” and a call to action of “Be Seduced” that takes you to an experiential description of the new car.

Another website that also conveys the brand experience very effectively is Kate Spade (, with a large image “above the fold” that markets a particular product line but within the context of a setting that expresses the line. Below the large image, the company’s somewhat whimsical personality continues to be expressed through product and people imagery, as well as the latest episode in the company’s ongoing fashion story video campaign “Miss Adventure.”

Making sure your clients’ and prospects’ online experience is consistent with and truly conveys the offline experience is critical to a successful brand, particularly since your website is often the first interaction the external world has with your company. So, when you are building or rebuilding your website, take the time to think about your company’s culture and personality, as well as the current and aspirational client experience. First impressions are lasting and hard to change, and a disconnect between your online and offline brand is just plain confusing.