Summer Reading

Conventional wisdom used to dictate that the summer months were pretty dead in terms of client communications, particularly in the wealth management space. After all, clients are away on vacation, off the grid, not interested in hearing from you, unreachable.Well, the times, they are a changin’. The digital age has eliminated the “dead” summertime and altered people’s expectations dramatically regarding frequency and regularity of communications. Email, website, social media posts are almost always accessible, unless clients are in the remotest area, and even then, it is surprising how far the virtual world extends these days.

While mid-summer may still not be the time to schedule an in-person event, it is the time to reach out to your clients through easily “digestible” thought leadership and reinforce the idea that you are always keeping a close eye on financial activities, the markets and their money. If you market to financial advisors, it is a great time to provide them with information, tools and resources they can use to connect with end clients, either now or when the fall season hits.