What’s in your Tagline?

One of the most elusive elements of a successful brand is a tagline. A breakthrough tagline can become the slogan that consumers always and immediately identify with your brand. Anyone hearing “Just do it” is pretty much guaranteed to picture that distinctive Nike “swoosh”. “Got milk” was an immediate winner that has been extended into numerous other products and services. Observant readers may even notice that we borrowed the theme of this email’s title from a slogan that is currently very prominent in the marketplace (“What’s in your wallet?”).

But do marketers expect too much of a tagline and do you even need one? Certainly, a tagline can help you to differentiate your brand and become inextricably connected to who you are. But a tagline must also be an appropriate expression of who you are, what your value is and what differentiates you from your competitors. A tagline just for the sake of having a tagline can actually detract from your brand.

Another important consideration to keep in mind is that most successful taglines are not “built in a day.” It takes time for them to become iconic and legendary in the way that Nike’s “Just do it” has. While a tagline can make a significant contribution to a strong brand, companies must continually reinforce their brands through ongoing marketing support.

Some tips for what to keep in mind when developing your tagline. A good tagline should:
• Communicate your value
• Have a tone and personality consistent with your brand
• Evoke an emotional reaction
• Be original and differentiate you