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The Personal Touch

A lesson that has been reinforced in the last year, given the lack of in-person contact, is the importance of communications. From online presentations, webinars, podcasts, and emails to social media, wealth and investment firms have been leveraging the power of digital technology to stay in touch and keep clients informed on perspectives and thoughts on the markets, topical issues, and investments.

But while you’re letting clients know what you think the latest market move means or why it’s time to consider rebalancing their portfolio, it’s ok to get a little personal sometimes. Your clients miss you, and they want to “see” you and find out what you’ve been up to lately. So, mix in some communications about employees, perhaps around a theme, such as what people are reading to keep entertained, new hobbies undertaken during the pandemic, or how you are staying connected internally, along, of course, with photos to bring it all to life. Commemorate life events, weddings, new babies, and even new pets! Let your audience know when new employees have joined or someone has been promoted. All of these give a glimpse into your work and professional lives and show that hopeful events are happening.

And don’t be afraid to be a little whimsical every now and then. Some examples include National Pet Day (April 11th) or National Garden Month (April again). Put out a quick post and put your pets or beautiful gardens or plants on display, because who doesn’t love a playful pet or a calming landscape? Obviously, it’s a balancing act, and if there are too many personal or lifestyle communications, then your audience may not view you as “serious” about what you do. Focus on the professional, but sprinkle in the personal. Your clients and you will feel closer than ever!