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The Power of Partnership

When a crisis arises, communities come together. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses across the globe to think outside the box and develop creative solutions. Companies are finding innovative ways to help protect employees from the risk of the virus and limit economic disruptions. Business leadership has extended beyond financial donations as many companies have already taken action to get involved, give back, and become part of the solution. 

In the past two months we have seen unprecedented community outreach and massive co-branding partnerships. From the Patriots’ principal owner Robert Kraft sending the team’s private plane to China to pick up masks, to companies like Nestlé providing emergency help, donating food, medical nutrition products, and bottled water to countries in greatest need, to companies like Ralph Lauren making a financial donation of $10 Million and also committing to produce 250,000 masks and 25,000 gowns for healthcare workers. Companies are doing what they can on a local level, donating to food banks, sending meals to healthcare providers, or supporting service industry workers who have lost their jobs. These are just a few examples of businesses taking action and finding new ways to provide solutions while preserving the supply chain, supporting manufacturers and keeping people employed.   

Innovation is doing things in new ways. Strong community support and engagement can improve your image and brand reputation and foster consumer loyalty. By finding a way to give back to the community, at whatever level your firm is able to do, you have the opportunity to demonstrate to your customers that you are all in this fight together, something that they will remember after this crisis is over.

A number of studies indicate that engaging in socially responsible activities can improve customer loyalty and result in a happier, more productive work force. No matter how big or how small, there are many ways to make a difference during these challenging times. We also encourage you to share what you are doing to help, which may encourage others to support the community.

At Optima Group, we are supporting our local food banks, where the need for supplies and donations continues to grow during this crisis.