The Rise of Martech

In recent years we’ve commented regularly on the increasing influence of technology in financial services. But, as a marketing and design firm, we are also acutely aware of the explosive growth in Martech and the role technology is playing in redefining the art and science of marketing and branding.

The chart below shows the dramatic growth in marketing technology companies since 2011. The number of companies reflects the many ways innovative startups are dissecting and transforming traditional marketing from advertising to content management to client analytics.

Data Source: Chiefmartec


One example of these new tech marketers is Sticky. Sticky employs an innovative biometric technology that combines eye tracking, showing what people are actually looking at in ads, with tracking of facial micro-expressions to suggest what people are feeling at the same time. Understanding the prospect’s perception in this way can be helpful in guiding relatively mechanical tasks such as optimizing ad placement. But, it can also inform the more creative challenge of developing content that elicits the desired emotive reaction to a brand or product. In effect, it may set new rules for graphic design and image selection.

As in financial services, or any industry for that matter, it’s become a competitive necessity to be aware of available marketing technologies and to integrate them with traditional practices when appropriate. A careful mix of traditional and technology-driven solutions can help to enhance decision-making, responsiveness and effectiveness of marketing.