The Time Is Now

We all get a lot of emails. Some we eagerly anticipate; others keep coming because we are too lazy to click the unsubscribe link. Yet an email campaign is an important way to keep your brand in front of clients and prospects. Unable to make promises like Old Navy – $5 Jeans – the financial industry needs to try other tactics to get reads and clicks. In addition to relevant well-written content, timing matters, or at least it helps.

In a 2015 report, Hubspot analyzed over 20 million emails sent within 10 months. Here is a brief summary that answers the question: When should we send out our emails?


Additional research has been conducted regarding the optimal timing of social media posts. According to Kissmetrics, tweeting in the afternoon is most effective as most retweets occur around 5pm while the most active times for posting and sharing on Facebook are around 12pm and then 7pm.