The UMA Evolution

It’s no longer your father’s UMA, as Optima Group president, Ken Hoffman, paraphrased in his remarks last week at the annual Managed Accounts & UMA Summit industry conference in New York City. Today, UMAs have become powerful investment and client management platforms that are integrated, comprehensive, automated, flexible, and simpler to use.

This evolved, new iteration of UMAs now offers:
• Best of breed managers plus proprietary sleeves
• Superior research in model search and selection
• Full integration of the client balance sheet, both assets and liabilities
• Direct custody feeds, eliminating pricing errors in reporting
• Multi-media, in-depth, drill down reporting, enhancing both advisor and client experiences
• Tools for management and regulatory oversight
• Tax optimization for investors of various types and asset levels

Savvy organizations able to fully leverage these state-of-the-art platforms may have a significant advantage in operational efficiencies and market competitiveness.

For more information about how Optima Group might assist you and your organization in accomplishing this, please contact us at 203.255.1066. To see Ken’s presentation, click here.