“The world is gonna know your name. What’s your name, man?”

Unless one has been living on a remote island (or you hate Broadway shows; even then you probably have heard of it), chances are good that you know the answer to that question is “Alexander Hamilton.” Hamilton An American Musical’s meteoric rise from The Hamilton Mixtape to an off Broadway production to Broadway’s hottest show, with no direct sale tickets to be had and resale tickets selling for well over $1,000 per ticket is unprecedented. One can hear everyone from 10 year olds to octogenarians reciting the catchy rap hip hop lyrics. The show has engaged, and, leaving some non-major historical inaccuracies (the big details and events remain true) aside, educated scores of individuals about early America and some of our founding fathers. Pretty remarkable given that the inspiration for the show came from Ron Chernow’s 700 plus page biography on the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton.


Hamilton An American Musical perfectly illustrates one of our core tenets in developing and distributing information and thought leadership. While there is a place for longer, more technical pieces (for example, a white paper often serves as the source materials for shorter pieces), for the wider audience you have to make it accessible, understandable and easily “digestible” by the target audience. In this case, consider the biography, Hamilton, as the longer white paper, perfect for those who want to dig in and get all of the minute details. Hamilton An American Musical can be considered the shorter user-friendly piece, complete with the audio form of infographics. It is designed to reach and teach a wide audience, conveying the highlights of the revolutionary and post-revolutionary era from a personal, political and fiscal point of view. Thanks to Hamilton An American Musical, more people than ever can now answer these questions, “Who was the first Secretary of the Treasury?” “Who founded the Coast Guard and the New York Post?”, and “Who killed Alexander Hamilton?”