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The World’s Largest Online Store Goes Offline

Did you get Joy Delivered this year? It came in the form of a catalog for kids’ toys you can buy from Amazon. What’s interesting about this is that the largest online store created a really great interactive print experience

First, the catalog is not actually a catalog, it is a “holiday wish book” with the message on the first page stating, “Start your adventure here.” The next page is a blank list that you can pull out of the catalog (sorry, wish book) so you and your kids can create their gift list—presumably from just Amazon. On the back of the list is a recipe for hot cocoa that looks pretty yummy!

The wish book has many pages of fun games that kids can play, like fill in the blank, stickers, and a story that parents could “snuggle up” and read to their kids. It also has pages that your kids (or you) can color, a Christmas tree maze, and a place to create your own snow globe. The genius of the holiday wish book is that it is a way for kids to interact with a printed piece, with their parents, all while picking out their holiday presents.

For a huge impersonal online store, Amazon has created a high-touch experience. Aside from the beautiful design, nice paper, and high-quality printing, the wish book offers an experience for two important audiences. The first of course being the kids, so they can pick out their holiday presents and the second being the parents who can get everything done from one catalog, from one online store, and share an experience with their kids playing games and making hot cocoa. Exactly what they promised — Joy Delivered.